Texnomart is a chain of home appliance and electronics stores founded in 2008 in Tashkent.
Sales are made in online stores and on the website with free home delivery.
A passport is enough to arrange the goods in installments.
For legal entities, it is possible to purchase by transfer, without overpayments, at the same price as for cash payment.

At the time of implementation:
  • Number of stores -18
  • The number of employees is 800 people
  • The number of employees to work in the system is 50 people


The main problems were:
- Inability to control the effectiveness of advertising and marketing (where more money comes from)
- Processing of incoming requests is not controlled in any way, there is no history of requests and relationships
- Huge loss of time to work with debtors to pay for goods taken on credit
- There is no control over the discipline and efficiency of call center operators

The fact that Bitrix24 was a well-known brand and had all the tools in one interface played in favor of choosing it, and due to its popularity, there was a choice among suppliers and implementation teams.
The TECHNOUNIT team was chosen based on the results of negotiations, because they already had experience in developing telephony systems, and they got to the heart of the tasks better than others


First of all, we had to solve the problems of the discipline of the call center and the overload of the employees of the collection department.
During the implementation process, a shortage of server and network infrastructure resources was revealed, studies were conducted to solve this problem, changes were made to the network and server equipment was added.
For training, a program was developed and implemented for each of the departments, and the implementation was carried out jointly with the IT department.


During the implementation process, automatic assignment of numbers to call center employees and a pre-configured softphone file based on PhonerLite GS Wave were implemented
To control discipline, a mechanism for operator pause was introduced with a reverse report and an indication of the reason for absence.
To work with debtors, automatic search, unloading and audio notification of debtors based on data from 1C was developed and implemented:Trade Management in Bitrix24


The recovery department is no longer engaged in searching for information, but immediately works on complex cases.
The total volume of debts processed per day increased from 600 to more than 3,000, with an equal number of employees of the collection department,
The number of processed debts per day increased from 500 to 2,000, and the volume of accounts receivable decreased by 29.7%.
The management of the call center sees the load online and can distribute it among employees, including those working remotely.
Operators control the duration of breaks and how much time they have left to work.
There is a transparent mechanism for justifying career growth and salary.
You can see which of the operators is working more and more efficiently.
The procedure for hiring and training call center employees has become simpler and more transparent.
The recorded growth of the company is more than 200%
The number of employees working at Bitrix24 is about 1000 people, the total number of employees is already more than 3000.
The number of stores already exceeds 30 units and new ones are opening